If you have registered for the 2023 CAC, you can access the live conference at:  https://opusagency.swoogo.com/CaliforniaAdoptionConference.

Remember: You received an email from cac@pactadopt.org to create an account and password on the above website.

After you have done that, you will have access to the conference.

Registration for 2023 is now closed.


California Adoption Conference

Roots Matter: The Importance of Connection in Adoption, Foster & Kinship Care

March 24 & 25, 2023


The California Adoption Conference is a two-day virtual event featuring live talks and workshops for adoptive, foster and kinship care families, adult adoptees and former foster youth, first/birth parents, and adoption professionals. “Adoption is a lifelong journey,” says Beth Hall, Executive Director of Pact, An Adoption Alliance, and one of the conference organizers. “Placement is only the beginning—everyone involved needs ongoing education and support. That’s why programs like the California Adoption Conference are so important. We’re trying to provide something for all members of the constellation—anyone whose life has been touched by adoption or foster care.”

All sessions will take place virtually (via live video conferencing). Each day the conference begins with a morning keynote presentation followed by a variety of workshops to delve deeper into topics such as open adoption, transracial adoption, attachment, and searching for first/birth family along with panels featuring birth/first parents and adopted adults. There are sessions specifically for prospective adoptive parents, first/birth parents as well as adoption professionals, educators and extended family members.

You can register for one day or both days; you can attend any session on the day(s) for which you register, and will also have access to recordings of all the day’s sessions after the fact. See Register for more details. A summary schedule appears below; see Workshops for more details. All times listed are Pacific Time.

March 24th – Click here to view or download as PDF
March 25th- Click here to view or download as PDF

The California Adoption Conference is a a collaboration between five California non-profit organizations  that serve youth and families.

More information cac@pactadopt.org